"Hemp For Health"

-  The Free Healthy Cooking eBook.

From The Desk Of : Bob Fordham
Subject : Hemp For Health

In this Cooking ebook, “Hemp For Health”  you will discover:

  • History of hemp,
  • Benefits of Hemp as Food,
  • Types of Hemp That You Can Eat,
  • 10 Recipes with Hemp that include: Asparagus Soup, Banana Hemp Green Smoothie, Chocolate Hemp Butter Banana Marshmallow Muffins, Chocolate Hemp Seed Butter, Chocolate Hemp Ice-cream, Hemp Flour Tortillas, Hemp Chickpea Hummus, Hemp Oil Vinaigrette Salad Dressing, Home Made Hemp Cereal, Peppery Hemp Seed Pesto.
  • Free Ebook comes with give away rights. Ecovers link within ebook.
  • Click Hemp For Health download link below for this free Healthy Hemp Cooking ebook.


"Your Information is GREAT "

I just want send a quick shout out to Bob @ Naturally Healthy Wellness & Hemp Happy for the great Cooking eBook "Hemp For Health".

I found it very informative and has helped my family get back on track to a much healthier diet with a fantastic product. Combined with Bob's specialist advice on Health & Nutrition, we are very happy with the service. Thankyou.



Brisbane Qld.


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Bob :)


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